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Commercial Access Control

As an integral part of your security system, the access control system must be carefully chosen to ensure the overall solution is achieved.

Thought must be given to what type of people need access to the site incl. visitors, how many people need access and whether a log of who has been on site required, etc.

Our most popular systems

Below is a brief summary of some of the most popular systems we install:-

Card/Fob Systems

We predominantly install proximity systems as opposed to the old swipe type systems as they tend to be more reliable and user friendly. These can be ‘stand alone’ or fully P.C. linked


Many different intercoms are available today in addition to the original hard wired audio systems, incl.

- Video Intercoms

- BT Intercoms which utilise a normal BT phone line to communicate with any phone in the world

- RF Wireless Intercoms which completely eliminate the need for wiring.

- GSM Intercoms which offer the same benefits as the BT system but do not require a dedicated BT landline.

Radio Transmitters

These can be left in the car or on your key ring and allows you to operate the security device from within your car


This allows you to give trusted callers access by entering a confidential code number.

This can be provided as an individual unit or can be incorporated into an intercom.

Induction Loops

These are effectively metal detectors which we cut into the road surface. When a vehicle drives over the loop a signal can be sent to the gate or barrier to open it.

Intercom and fob reader