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Road Blockers

Roadblockers are specifically designed to stop all unauthorised vehicular access. As with our full height turnstiles, they are manufactured within the UK and offer unrivalled performance.

Three standard types are available, each can be ordered in 2m, 3m, 4m or 5m widths, depending upon the specific application.

300mm High – This is designed to stop all cars and most 4×4’s and is suitable for medium to high security applications.

500mm High – This is designed to stop all cars, 4×4’s and most commercial vehicles and is suitable for high security applications.

800mm High – This heavy duty unit is constructed from thicker steel and includes additional cross beams & bracing. It is designed to stop all vehicles and is specifically designed for very high security sites incl. cash centres, government buildings, etc.

High security roadblock Cash centre roadblock