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Gate Safety

Gate Safety Gate Safety

Gate safety has become a hot topic of conversation over the last 10 years or so. Unfortunately, there have been numerous fatalities and serious injuries caused by sliding & swing gates – the majority of these could easily have been avoided with a little thought.

During this period most reputable companies have taken steps to improve the safety of their gate systems. At Automated Security Design we have made it our priority to be at the forefront of the drive to make gates safe. For many years we have utilised the latest safety features including motors with obstacle detection, safety edges, etc.

We have always kept our customers fully up to date with changes in regulations and have made recommendations accordingly. A few years ago we made the bold decision to only work on gates that met our high safety standards and accepted that we would loose a number of customers.

All our new installations are carefully designed to eliminate as many risks as possible and upon completion we provide the following as standard:

  • Detailed handover pack incl. specifications and emergency procedures
  • Risk assessment document
  • Service requirement information
  • Computer generated force test report
  • CE declaration of conformity

We have utilised information gained from Gatesafe, the DHF and our own experience to develop gate systems which comfortably meet all current regulations – this has enabled us to be the first point of contact for many high risk sites including primary schools and specialist education centres.

We pride ourselves in offering a reliable, professional and personal service and are dedicated to customer satisfaction.